Map Options

No Digi-Map will ever be the same, we want to work with you to create a beautiful visual display of your business. This will allow your clients to enjoy and interact with 24/7.

We can include a variety of options to engage, amaze and build trust with your customers. From 3D Virtual Reality Tours, which allow people to move around your premises and explore every nook and cranny before arriving, to adding customised map pins with links that help showcase your brand in it’s the best light, we can create the ultimate advert for your business.

Our fully qualified drone pilots can take stunning drone imagery from 150ft to 400ft above the area to be showcased. All Digi-Map drone pilots have PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) and follow all regulations implemented by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). We ensure that all rules, regulations and permissions are complied with for your peace of mind. Contact us with your postcode to find out whether any restrictions apply to your area.

Challenge us to create an outstanding map that will wow your customers

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Firstly, once your drone image has been chosen, we can customise the headline aerial image with a coloured line to define your boundary. We can also darken and shade the area outside your boundary. We don’t have to add any image enhancements which can give a larger sense of depth or involvement in your community.

Once the headline aerial image has been confirmed, we can use a variety of map pins to customise your 3D Interactive Map. From the standard location pins to customised markers containing clip art, to bespoke graphic design map markers that showcase the best of your business, we can do them all. You can even utilise your own branding in larger pins by incorporating your logo or specialist branding.

Each map pin will be clickable to be truly interactive. Dependent on the pin it can take you to website links or landing pages, 3D Virtual Reality Tours, 360 Street View (static and interactive), YouTube clips, 4K Video footage or even bespoke landing pages selling your products.

Most businesses will already have some marketing material, you may already have a 3D VR tour, or a 360 Street View panoramic or even a dynamic 4K Video, whatever you already have, chances are that we can include it in your bespoke map. If you don’t have any of these, we can provide them with all for you, allowing you to show off your organisation.

Build trust with your clients before they even arrive at your premises, whether those premises be a tourist attraction, racecourse, sports stadium, holiday village, golf course and theme parks to name but a few and also organisations like schools and hospitals, and even cities, towns and villages.

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