Digi-Maps Extras

A Digi-Map has limitless possibilities.

We can supply a stand alone digi-map from only £999.00. This will include an aerial image from one of our drones and up to 5 standard marker pins with web links and/or static 360 rotating images behind them. We will also install on your website for you, but as in the words of Chris Tarrant on Who wants to be a Millionaire, we don’t want to give you that, we want to give you more.

We can provide with your digi-map a whole range of extras that will showcase your brand and buildings in their best possible light. Show your clients how trustworthy you are as a brand and business by giving your customers a 24/7 access all areas pass to your premises.

The technology around 3D Virtual Reality Tours, Drone Imagery, Artificial Intelligence and 360 Street View Technology seems to be updating almost daily. Challenge us to do more and give your business the best possible digi-map that we can create. See below of examples of extras that we can provide

Promotional Material

We can provide short video clips that you can use to showcase your tour on various social media platforms or other marketing material. The example on the right is a Kitchen Showroom in Warrington, Cheshire and this snippet was used to promote the new tour on Facebook.

3D Virtual Reality Tours

3D VR Tours are digital scans that we take inside your buildings, that we then join together to provide a great user experience. The user can then click inside the tour to manoeuvre their way around your buildings.

3D Virtual Reality Tour Walkthroughs

When creating your 3D Virtual Reality Tour, we can also provide a slickly edited version that will showcase all elements of the tour without the user having to click on any element of the tour to find their way around. Guide your users to the parts of your tour that you really want the user to view.

Drone Video Footage

Drone Video allows you to showcase to your clients (new and existing) the proportions and scale of your site.  4K Video is one of the most visual aspects of a Digi-Map and can also include music or voice overs.

360 StreetView Technology

The most internationally recognisable tour software is Google Street View. As Google approved photographers, we can produce a tour inside of your business to be instantly published on Google Street View. Allowing users to potentially walk right in off the street from anywhere in the world.
We help bring Google inside your business!

Static 360 Images

We can install into the map a static 360 image that the user can rotate 360° for a richer user experience.

3D Rendering from Drone Imagery

Using extended 4K stills and video from our drones, we can build up 3D rendered images that will give so many visual and marketing options.

Other Extras You Can Have

Bespoke Website: We can craft a bespoke site for your tour, drone footage and other marketing material to be displayed on.

Customised Web Links: Send a user directly to a sales page, more information or booking page from the Digi-Map.

Graphic Design: Tours can be consistent with your branding, we can include custom pins and other elements that all fit within your branding.

Secure Backups: We can back up all images, videos and content to a secure server.

Bespoke Explainer/Splash Page:  We can craft a page that sits on top of the tour, explaining how to use all the features of the Digi-Map.

eCommerce Functionality: We can send users directly to a page allowing them to purchase your products without the need for leaving the Digi-Map.