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We use the latest drones for aerial photography to create the best overview of your estate. Our pilots are all fully certified PfCO pilots and we keep up to date with all the latest regulations as provided by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) so you never need to worry about compliance. We have a variety of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) with multiple camera options to cope with every scenario possible. We take images at between 150ft and 400ft to comply with all regulations. We gain all relevant permissions and also inform the CAA prior to every flight. It is possible with our camera drones to capture unique aerial imagery that can highlight to your clients how vast your site is. Our images from above form the heart of your Digi-Map. Once we have a spectacular aerial view, we can start to build your interactive map up with 3D VR Tours, weblinks, 360 Street View images and more.

The Best Drone Photography Available

Through our experience, we find the best time to take a stunning overhead image is within an hour of dawn, or dusk, due to the lighting spectrum. According to LiveScience the dawn sky is clearer than at any other time of the day and will give us the most unpolluted images. Although we feel that dawn is usually the clearest time for capturing images, we discuss with you the client what you are hoping to showcase about your property. We have specialist tools that show us how the shadows and lighting will respond at various times of the day to our height and trajectory. This may well enable you to showcase your site at its best.

Amaze and intrigue your potential site visitors with stunning aerial photography imagery. Depending on your site we aim to convey movement and depth within your estate, showing from above how the space that you occupy can benefit your clients.

If you would like to be involved in choosing the imagery that will be used to display your site we can provide you with a Virtual Reality Headset whereby you can see what the drone camera is viewing, this is commonly known as FPV (First Person View). Our pilots must always maintain DLoS (Direct line of Site) with our drone.

If you would like to discuss your drone image requirements with one of our highly trained pilots, then give us a call and we can have a chat about aerial photography 🙂

Want to find out more about Digi-Maps